Prague Easter 2017
14. - 16. 4. 2017

Bulletin 2

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Oddil OB Kotlarka (DKP)

Competition centre (CC)

Nedamov and Jestrebi, club tents recommended.

How to get there?

Stage 1: From the road No. 9 Melnik – Ceska Lipa in the town Duba to the right take the road No. 259 in direction Mseno and after 500 m to the left in direction Nedamov to the autocamp by pond. GPS: 50°32'12.24"N, 14°33'22.081"E
Stage 2 and 3: From road No. 9 Melnik – Ceska Lipa 3 km after village Jestrebi take narrow road to the left (direction Svaby) and after 200 m again to the left onto meadow. GPS: 50°37'2.403"N, 14°32'35.334"E


S1: Three areas. In the camp (P1, GPS: 50°32'12.24"N, 14°33'22.081"E), on a parking place across the road from the entrance and on a meadow to the north from the camp (P2, GPS: 50°32'28.265"N, 14°33'7.061"E), see map of arrival below. Parking fee will be 30 CZK. Please follow organizers‘ instructions.
S2 and S3: Private meadow. Please follow organizers‘ instructions.


Friday: 14.4. 9:30 – 11:30 in CC (entries for T, P, HDR and DH10L and changes continuously for all days from 9:00 to 9:30). Please check your payments on: In case of discrepancy between the payment list on web pages and the exact amount you paid, it is better to let us know on Turn on JavaScript!, eventually take the documentary proof. Registration only for whole club (no single runners).

In case of change of SI number or any other change, send it by e-mail to Turn on JavaScript! beforehand. Save your and our time. We will be able to read e-mails till the last moment before competition.


Sale of maps for training on Thursday (13:00 - 14:00) in Jestrebi village - 50°36'31.203"N, 14°35'5.349"E (2 EUR/map).


Sandstone area. Rugged terrain with deep as well as shallow valleys, rocky ridges, rock and boulder formations, nice pine and mixed forest (generally good runnability).


  • S1:

    ZAHAJI, 1:10 000, for classes H18, DH20, DH21EAB, H35A, H40A, H45A, T6
    SVATA BARBORA, 1 : 7500, for other classes
    both E = 5m, size A4, autumn 2016, T. Novak, revision winter 2017

  • S2:

    PRUSKY KAMEN - VYCHOD 1 : 7 500, size A4, for classes B3, DH10L, DH10, DH12, DH60, DH65, DH70, H75, H80, HDR, P, T3
    PRUSKY KAMEN 2017, 1 : 10 000, size A3, for other classes
    both E = 5m, R. Horky, R. Ondracek 2011, revision DKP winter 2017

  • S3:

    PRUSKY KAMEN 2017, 1 : 10 000, size A3, for classes DH16, DH18, DH20, DH21EAB, DH35A, DH35B, DH40A, DH40B, DH45A, D50, H50A, H55, T6
    PRUSKY KAMEN - ZAPAD 1 : 7 500, size A4, for other classes
    both E = 5m, R. Horky, R. Ondracek 2011, revision DKP winter 2017

The maps are waterproof for all days.

Forbidden area

  • Purple hatched areas (map sign 709) are forbidden to cross because of nature protection (nature reserve, young trees). They are not marked in terrain.
  • Diagonal purple lines (maps sign 710) are used for dangerous area with bee hives (all three days) and also for firing range (S1).
  • It is forbidden to enter settlement (map sign 527).


During S1 some courses cross occasionally used road. Competitors have to follow organizers‘ instructions. Crossing this road on other places than these marked (map sign 708) is forbidden.

Some classes, for example H20, H21B and D21E, have during S3 multiple crossings of the course. Pay careful attention to control order reading.

Start numbers

Start numbers (bibs) for all competitors on registration, it is obligatory to use them during the whole event.

Every runner is obliged to put his actual starting time for S3 on his start number (bib) according to the start list - please use the marker on ethanol basis, available in the CC and at the start. The first 5 leading runners after two days in classes B3, B5, DH10L, DH10, DH12, DH14, DH16, DH18, DH20, DH21E, DH35A, DH40A, DH45A, D50, H50A, DH55, DH60, DH65, DH70, H75 and H80 will get their special start number (bib) at the start of the 3rd day. These runners have to wear both numbers (bibs).


  • S1: 00=12:00, distance 800m, climbing 45m, blue and white ribbons.
  • S2: 00=10:00, distance 1700m, climbing 0m, blue and white ribbons.
  • S3: 00=10:00, distance 1900m, climbing 50m, blue and white ribbons.

Classes T, P and HDR start any time from a separate corridor, until start time of the last competitor of the stage (S1 170, S2 225, S3 160). They punch a special SI unit just before start.

Start times for S3

Time Class
0 D20, D70, H18, H50B
10 D18, D40A, H20, H60
20 D16, D21E, H40B, B3
30 D10, D35B, H55, H75
40 D10L, D40B, H21A, H65
50 D12, D65, H35A, B5
60 D14, D45A, H21E
70 D21A, H10L, H40A, H80
80 D21B, H10, H21B
90 D35A, D60, H35B, H70
100 D45B, H12, H45A
110 D50, H14, H45B
120 D55, H16, H50A

The chasing start lasts 30 minutes in each class. Competitors with a loss of more than 30 minutes comparing to the leader will start afterwards in regular intervals. Classes P, T3, T6 and HDR don’t have the chasing start.

Entry in the start corridor of S3 is 6 minutes before the start!

Start list of S3 will be on internet ( on Saturday evening and posted up on Sunday morning in the CC and gym.

Punching system

Sportident (not wireless AIR+) is used during the whole event. It is possible to use all types of SI cards, even SI10 and SI11.

Every competitor in the start corridor will do as follows:

  • 1. clear the Sportident card
  • 2. check the clearing of the SI card


S1: 800 m. The way is different from way to start. SI reading control in the CC.
S2, S3: in the CC.

Every competitor in the finish area will do following:

  • 1st&2nd day: Finish the race by marking the SI card at the finish line.
  • 3rd day: Competitors will mark their card just a few meters behind the finish line. The final result will be set by the sequence of competitors at the finish line.

For those who will not start in the chasing start (e.g. their loss is more than 30 minutes or they are in a class without a chasing start) the finish control a few meters behind the finish line represents the true finish.

Competitors with SI cards provided by organizer return them after finishing their last course at the SI reading control. All runners, even those who did not finish the stage, are obliged to read-out their SI card.

Control descriptions

Control description cards of each class will be available in the CC, not at the start. Neither will it be printed on the maps!


  • S1: shortened classic distance
  • S2 and S3: classic distance

Time limit

  • S1: 90 minutes
  • S2 and S3: 160 minutes


Available for longer classes during the course of S2 and S3. Water available before start of S2 and S3, water and juice available in the finish of all stages.

Buffet in the CC.


Mobile toilets, only in the CC!


Washrooms in the CC of S1 (showers available using chip for 20 CZK).

A tank with water and wash-bowls in the CC of S2 and S3. Water from the tank is potable!!


Kindergarten (crèche) available in the CC of all three days.


There will be a small sample Trail-O event available during S2 near the CC of S2. All competitors are invited to try it during their spare time. Info in the CC.


All protests present to the main referee along with 200 CZK deposit.


Gregorová Kamila CTB), Horáček Michal (VLI), Bořánek Petr (USK)


Will be continuously posted up in the CC. We will try to post it also via wifi.


A prize giving ceremony will be held in the CC of S3 after the race: awards for all participants of DH10L, HDR and DH10 classes, for the first 6 competitors in DH21E classes, for the winners of B subclasses and for the first 3 in other classes. No awards in P, T3 and T6 classes.


  • Event director: Martin Janata, Zdenko Prochazka,
  • Main referee: S1: Martina Bochenkova, S2: Dominika Plochova, S3: Ondrej Pospisil,
  • Courses: S1: Kamila Foglarova, S2: Marie Pospisilova, Ondrej Falta, S3: Jakub Illner,
  • Registration: Martina Bochenkova
  • Start: Ondrej Pospisil, Jiri Ramba
  • Finish: Tomas Johanovsky
  • IT centre: Jiri Dlouhy

Event web:

Assival S1:

Arrival S2 and S3: