More photos from the competition, drawing route choices | 21. 4. 2017

We have added more photos from the competition to the photos link in the upper menu. On there are maps from all three stages available for drawing your route choices.

Photos from the competition | 18. 4. 2017

We have added couple photos from the competition to the photos link in the upper menu.

Lost & found | 18. 4. 2017

Couple things were left at the CC or at start, you can check them in the link.

Your route choices | 16. 4. 2017

In few days it will be possible to draw your route choices (and to check route choices of other competitors). We will inform you when the maps are available.

Trail-o event during Prague Easter 2017 | 16. 4. 2017

Sample trail-o event which took place paralel to our orienteering event on Saturday was the historically biggest trail-o event in the Czech Republic...

Final results | 16. 4. 2017

Use upper menu to look for final results

Results after second stage and start list for S3 | 15. 4. 2017

Use the upper menu to get results after S2 and start lists of S3

On-line results at the competition centre | 14. 4. 2017

On Saturday and Sunday there will be available on-line results - you have to connect to wifi PE2017 and go to page

Preliminary results of the Stage 1 | 14. 4. 2017

Use the link in the upper menu to see the preliminary results of the Stage 1. Results of the class H50A are not correct yet.

Accomodation in school gym | 10. 4. 2017

We have added information about accomodation in school gym im Ceska Lipa - you can find in in the upper menu.

Printing of Bulletin 2 | 8. 4. 2017

To conserve the environment we will not insert printed Bulletin 2 into the envelope you will get at the registration. If you need printed Bulletin 2, please print it yourselves, or tell us on Turn on JavaScript! and we will put it in your envelope.

Courses, start lists, Bulletin 2 | 4. 4. 2017

In upper menu you can find now Bulletin 2, length and climbing of courses of all three stages and start lists of first and second stage. There are still possible additional entries, but only on "Vacant" places in the start list. Be so kind and contact us on Turn on JavaScript! for late entries.

Trail-O | 3. 4. 2017

There will be a small sample Trail-O event available during S2 near the CC of S2. All competitors are invited to try it during their spare time. Info in the CC.

Common registration of more clubs | 31. 3. 2017

If you plan to register more clubs together in the competition centre, be so kind and send us information about that on email on Turn on JavaScript!, we will prepare common envelope for you.

Second deadline will be on Sunday, March 26 | 24. 3. 2017

The second deadline for entries will be this Sunday (March 26). Even if the price of entries will not change, we do not guarantee free places in all classes after this date.

First deadline for entries is over (UPDATED on March 7) | 22. 2. 2017

On February 26, the deadline for lower start fee will end...

Entries opened ! | 13. 11. 2016

Entries are now opened in ORIS system.

Photos, accodomation | 3. 11. 2016

In top menu, now You find terrain photos from 2nd and 3rd stage (condition of 2012!) and possibilities of accommodation around.

Bulletin 1 | 10. 10. 2016

Bulletin 1 is now available in top menu.

Welcome to Prague Easter 2017 website | 19. 9. 2016