Prague Easter 2018 - 20 Years 30. 3. - 1. 4. 2018

Weather and snow in the competition area | 20. 3. 2018

Common registration of clubs, arrival by bus | 16. 3. 2018

We would like to ask those, who want to register more clubs together to write us on email Turn on JavaScript!. If your club will come by bus, be so kind and let us also know on the same email.

Second deadline for entries is over | 14. 3. 2018

We would like to ask all clubs to review their applications under the "Registered" link. At the same time, please check that we have recorded all of your payments - you can find them by clicking on the amount of the "Club fee" row under your club's list. If you still owe some entry fees, please send it as soon as possible, we do not want to meet the threat and ask for a starting fee for the third term - it's not about money, but it's about a smooth presentation on the first day. If you want to pay by credit/debet card, be so kind and write email to Turn on JavaScript! - we will send you an invoice. Differences lower than 200 CZK have to be paid at registration. Thanks for cooperation.

Payments for entries | 22. 2. 2018

Start fees have to be paid before the event by bank transfer of by credit/debet card. If you want to pay by credit/debet card, let us know on email Turn on JavaScript! you will get email invoice for this payment. For payment in cash at registration fees of the 3rd - highest price level will be used (only agreed exceptions are possible for those got special approval by email). 

SIAC cards | 29. 12. 2017

We added information into bulletin 1 that SIAC cards can be used, but stations will not be in Air mode - you have to use normal punching.

Map samples of new part of the map | 28. 12. 2017

We have added map samples of new part of the map for 2nd stage in maps.

Entries opened ! | 13. 10. 2017

Entries are now opened in ORIS system.

Photos, maps, accodomation | 13. 10. 2017

In top menu, now You find terrain photos from the terrain, information about maps, invitation and many possibilities of accommodation around.

Bulletin 1 | 13. 10. 2017

Bulletin 1 is now available in top menu.

Welcome to Prague Easter 2018 website | 13. 9. 2017