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Download Bulletin 2 (.pdf)
Download Bulletin 2 - only text (.pdf)

Organizing body:

Czech Orienteering Association (CSOS)


Oddil OB Kotlarka, z.s. (DKP) + Orientacni klub Doksy, z.s. (DOK)


June 1-2, 2019


Nova Skalka (Skalka u Doks), meadow east of the village. GPS: 50.5711N,14.6043E; map available here.

There is plenty of space for club tents.

Event area:

The forest complex between Skalka u Doks, Stare Splavy, Jestrebi and Chlum villages.


Not provided by the organizer.

Visas for foreigners:

See https://www.mzv.cz/jnp/en/information_for_aliens/index.html.


Cars on meadows within 500m of the center (fee 50 CZK for to cover both days). The route to the car park is along a 1500m single-track road between Skalka u Doks and Nova Skalka, with very few possibilities to pass oncoming traffic. Because of this, before 13:30 on Saturday and before 11:30 on Sunday cars will ONLY BE ALLOWED TO ARRIVE. No cars will be allowed to leave before this time, and we thus strongly request competitors not to attempt departure then. If drivers need to leave earlier, competitors can be dropped off in Skalka u Doks (approximately 1400 m from the center, route will be marked with red-and-white plastic streamers).

Buses will be parked in Skalka u Doks according to the organizer's instructions (free of charge, approximately 1400m from the center, route will be marked with red-and-white plastic streamers). We ask clubs arriving by buses to tell us in advance on Turn on JavaScript!.

The route to the car park will be marked from Doksy (from the I/38 and II/270 junction) and from Duba (from the I/9 and II/270 junction). Please follow the instructions from the organizers.

Overnight parking permitted only after agreement from the organiser and only in an area specifically designated by the organiser.


Accommodation (see below) – parking within 10km
Parking cars – center within 500m
Parking bus – center 1400m
Center – start see below
Center – finish 0m

Event type:

  • Saturday June 1: long distance
  • Sunday June 2: middle distance

Both with interval start and prescribed order of controls.


WRE event W21 (D21E), M21 (H21E)
Czech national and regional Cup event D10, D12, D14B, D16A, D16B, D18A, D18B, D20A, D20B, D21A, D21B, D21C, D35B, D40B, D45B, D50B, D55B, D60B, D65B, D70B, D75B, H10, H12, H14B, H16A, H16B, H18A, H18B, H20A, H20B, H21A, H21B, H21C, H35B, H40B, H45B, H50B, H55B, H60B, H65B, H70B, H75B, H80B
Public event D10L, H10L, HDR, P, T
  • L - marked with orange paper streamers, for beginners
  • HDR - marked with orange paper streamers, for children with parents; if the accompanying adult is also entered to run their own race, they must do so before accompanying children on HDR
  • P - "entry on the day", for beginners
  • T - "entry on the day", more technically demanding

Expected winning times:

Posted here.


For basic fee until Monday May 13, 2019, 150% of the basic fee until Thursday May 23, 2019, using ORIS system:

In exceptional cases by e-mail to Turn on JavaScript! (the entry is valid only after confirmation from the organizer has been received).

After May 23, 2019, only by e-mail or in the competition center until registration closes, according to organizer's possibilities (until maps run out), for 200% of the basic fee.

Entry fees (basic):

  Saturday (long dist.) Sunday (middle dist.)
DH21, W21, M21, T 220 CZK 190 CZK
Other A classes, B classes without DH14B 200 CZK 180 CZK
DH60B and older 150 CZK 140 CZK
DH10L-DH14B, HDR, P 120 CZK 120 CZK


In principle it is necessary that the whole start fee has to arrive in our account. There are 3 possibilities of how to pay.

On-line by credit card

Some days after confirmation of your entry you will get an invoice by e-mail, which you can pay by credit (or debet) card on-line. 4% + 10 CZK transaction fees for card payment will be invoiced. Payment is done through the PayPal secured payment portal (You do not need to have any Paypal account).

By international bank transfer

If you do not want to pay on-line by credit card you can pay by bank transfer:

  • Bank: Fio banka, 11721 Praha 1, Czech Republic
  • IBAN: CZ1520100000002800595750
  • Account owner: Oddil OB Kotlarka

Always write the name of your club and your name to the “Reason for payment” section. You can look up exchange rates on the the web page of our bank (https://www.fio.cz/stocks-investments/other-fio-services/foreign-exchange). Calculate the correct amount in your currency by dividing the amount in CZK by the exchange rate in column "We buy". If you send your money using "Shared Fees", be so kind and add 1 EUR for bank fees as we have to pay for your money transfer if you pay in EUR. If you pay in any other currency add 4 EUR. There are no additional fees from Slovakia.

By national bank transfer

If you have the option, you can also pay through a Czech bank. In this case you have to send us the exact sum in CZK, we do not pay any fees for national transfers. In this case contact organizer to get exact instructions.


  • Saturday June 1: from 10:00 to 11:00 in the center
  • Sunday June 2: from 8:30 to 9:00 in the center

Registration will be for whole clubs only (no single runners will be registered). Clubs without debts and changes will be registered preferentially, and can also register later than at the times stated above.

Please check your payments on: http://oris.orientacnisporty.cz/PrehledVkladu?id=4300. If your payments listed on the web do not agree with those you sent, please inform us of this on Turn on JavaScript!, and you may be required to provide a proof of payment. We request those who will be paying extra money at registration to have the exact amount ready.

In case of changes (SI number, any other changes), please e-mail them to us on Turn on JavaScript! in advance to save both yourself and us time. We will be reading emails right until the last moment before the event.

The envelope received at registration WILL NOT contain a printed version of Bulletin 2 or club start lists. If you would like these, please contact us on Turn on JavaScript!.

Start 00:

  • Saturday June 1: 12:00
  • Sunday June 2: 10:00

The start list will be available on the event website, in the ORIS system and in the competition center. T, P and HDR classes will start at any time as they arrive at the start, but not later than the start time of the last competitor in the other classes.

On both days there are 2 starts.

Starts Sat June 1:

S1 DH16A, DH18A, DH20A, H20B, DH21EA (M21, W21), H21B, H21C, H35B
650 m, marked with blue-and-white streamers
S2 all other categories
1200 m, marked with green-and-white streamers

Starts Sun June 2:

S1 DH18A, DH20A, DH21EABC (M21, W21), DH35B, DH40B, H45B, T
2800 m, 110 m climb (most of it at the end), marked with blue-and-white streamers,
drinking water and 2 portable toilets available at the start
S2 all other categories
800 m, marked with green-and-white streamers

Race numbers:

Competitors in classes DH16A- DH20A, W21 (D21E) and H21E (M21) must wear race numbers, which they should pick up in self-service fashion at the start. Competitors must attach the race number visibly to their chest. Not wearing the race number can be a reason for disqualification.

GPS tracking:

Selected competitors in classes D20A, H20A, D21E and H21E will be allocated GPS units, which they must wear during the race. GPS units will be used during both Saturday's and Sunday's races. The list of selected competitors will be published on the event website and available in the competition center.

Vests for GPS units (competitors can also run with their own vests) and GPS units will be picked up on the edge of the assembly field on the way to the start. A member of the organizing team will place the GPS unit into the competitor's vest. GPS units will be collected at the finish immediately after finishing the race.

The GPS tracks of both races will be available after the last competitor has started on Sunday on the following webpages:

The use of other GPS devices is permitted only if it cannot display a map and is not used to actively navigate.


Saturday June 1
  • SELSKÁ ROKLE, 1:10 000 (approved deviation from the rules!), A3 size, for all classes using start 1 and classes H18B, H40B and H45B using start 2
  • DLOUHÝ DŮL, 1:10 000 (approved deviation from the rules!), A4 size, for all classes using start 2 except classes H18B, H40B and H45B
Sunday June 2
  • JEZÍRKO, 1:10 000, A4 size

Both contour interval 5m, ISOM 2017, mapped 11/2017-12/2018, revised 3-4/2019, mapper Tom Novak.

Special map symbols: brown triangle - platform

Due to the necessary degree of generalisation in the ISOM2017 key, cliffs (rockfaces) smaller than 1.5 m and boulders smaller than 1 m are not mapped. On steep slopes with many rocks/cliffs, separate cliffs are generalized as a continuous rockface. The level of generalization is higher than was common for races in Bohemian rocky areas in the past.

The area has been affected by windbreak and by the bark beetle, and the forest is actively extracted by forestery. There is a large number of UNMAPPED rootstocks.

All maps will be printed on waterproof paper (PRETEX).

Maps will be collected at the finish on both days and will be available on Sunday after the start of the last competitor in the finish area (details to be announced in the competition center).

Map samples and previous maps of the area posted here. If you require a printed version of a previous map of the area, ask us on Turn on JavaScript!.


Sandstone area. Rugged terrain with deep as well as shallow valleys, rocky ridges, rock and boulder formations, nice pine and mixed forest (generally good runnability).

Forbidden areas:

It is forbidden to enter areas marked in the map with symbol number 412 (cultivated land).

Whilst in the forest, you must follow forest law – entry to fenced in areas is forbidden.

Compulsory sections:

  • start – beginning of navigation: route marked with orange streamers, the beginning of the navigation is marked on the map (triangle), and with a flag in terrain
  • final control - finish: route marked with corridors

Control descriptions:

Pictorial control descriptions available in the competition center. Control descriptions for both days are printed on different colour paper – for classes starting at start 1, they are printed on blue paper, for those starting at start 2 they are printed on white paper.

Saturday (long distance), classes DH16A, DH18A, H18B, DH20A, H20B, DH21EA (W21, M21), H21B, H21C, H35B, H40B, H45B will have control descriptions also on maps (Selská rokle). Sunday (middle distance), all classes will have control descriptions also on maps.

There are no control descriptions at the start!

Punching system:

All classes will use the Sportident electronic punching system. SI units including the finish unit will be set to Air mode, allowing punching at a distance of up to 0.5m from the unit. The time will be measured with accuracy to the nearest second.

All types of SI-cards can be used, including SI10 and SI11. The SI-card must not be used twice in one day. Competitors with their own SI-card must fill in the number of their SI-card in the entry, others may hire an SI-card from the organizer for 40 CZK/day upon provision of a telephone number (not SIAC). Please specify the rental requirements in the entry and make the payment together with the starting fee. Competitors should return hired SI-cards at the download station after finishing their runs.

Clearing and checking of SI-cards is done by each competitor in the start corridor. The race finishes by punching the finish unit on the finish line. In case of SI unit failure, use the pin punch to mark the fields placed on the edge of the map. All competitors who have started must report to download, including those who did not finish or have controls missing.

Class M21 (H21E) has 32 controls on Saturday June 1 (long distance), some SI-card types only have the capacity for 30 split times.


At the finish on both days. On Saturday at refreshment stations marked on the map or in the control descriptions. Some courses also on Sunday, at refreshment stations marked on the map. Water and squash available.

Time limit:

  • Saturday June 1: 180 minutes
  • Sunday June 2: 90 minutes


Printed results will be posted at approx. 30 minute intervals in the competition center.

Current results will be posted in the local open access DKP wifi. To connect to the network, use the following URL in your browser: http://dkp.dkp.

Current results, including the times from the radiocontrols will also be available on the LiveResultat site using the following links:

The official results will be published on the event website and in the ORIS system.


Will take place on Saturday at approximately 17:00, and on Sunday at approximately 14:30 (to be announced in the competition center). We will announce the first three in classes M21, W21 (DH21E), DH16A-DH20A, DH14B-DH20B, DH10-DH12, DH35B-DH75B, H80B. In classes DH21ABC only the winners will be announced. Other classes are not announced. All competitors in classes DH10L, DH10 and HDR receive a small sweet reward at the finish.


The event takes place in accordance with the IOF rules, CSOS Rules for orienteering and CSOS rules for competitions in orienteering 2019.


Roman Zbranek (TZL), Jan Fiala (ZBM), Katerina Kaskova (CHA)


Protests against the violation of the rules must be received within 30 minutes of the closing of the finish (to be announced in the competition center). They must be presented, in writing, to the main referee along with a 400 CZK deposit, in M21/W21 (DH21E) classes according to WRE rules without deposit. Protests against the official results to be sent to Turn on JavaScript! within 14 days from their publication.


Floorspace accommodation (with one’s own sleeping bag) in the school gym from Friday May 31 till Saturday June 1 and from Saturday till Sunday June 2 has been arranged for those who have booked and paid for it (through the ORIS entry system, 80 CZK/person/night). Before entering the school gym accommodation or to be in the school gym complex, you must identify yourself by an SI card if requested to do so. You must wear indoor shoes in the school gym, any persons younger than 18 years are the responsibility of a designated leader of their club group (designated by the club chair). You must obey all rules that apply to the school gym that you are accommodated in. Pets/animals must not be taken into the school gym. Any questions related to the school gym accommodation should be directed to Petra Synkova on +420 731 478 065.

  • 1) 1) School gym belonging to the elementary school (Základní Škola, ZŠ) ZŠ Karla Hynka Máchy Doksy, Valdštejnská 253, Doksy, 472 01; GPS 50.5682139N, 14.6520447E (accommodation of all those who have booked floorspace accommodation except members of clubs ZBM, TAP, SHK)

    The gym will be open to arrivals from 18:00 on Friday May 31, and from 17:00 on Saturday June 1. The gym must be cleared, tidied up and vacated by 10:00 on both Saturday and Sunday. Contact number for accommodation organiser: Petra Synkova +420 731 478 065

  • 2) 2) School gym belonging to ZŠ Dubá, Dlouhá 113, Dubá 471 41; GPS 50.5407275N, 14.5391050E (accommodation only for members of clubs ZBM, TAP, SHK)

    The gym will be open from around 17:00 on Saturday June 1 (upon contacting Renata Dvorakova, +420 728 680 289). The gym must be cleared, tidied up and vacated by 10:00 on Sunday. Only 1 key available, needs to be passed between people.

Contact details for accommodation on beds are available here.


Portable toilets (TOITOI) will be available in the competition center. We kindly request you to use these and not relieve yourself elsewhere.


A water tank with water and buckets will be available in the competition center. This is NOT drinking water!

First aid:

Competitors start at their own risk. Basic first aid available in the competition center.


Available in the competition center. Please leave your children for the minimum time, with their own food and drink, marked with the child’s name.


There will be stalls with refreshments and with sports equipment.

The tent with tables near refreshments is not intended as a changing area, please use your own club tents for this purpose.


If you are interested in training in the days prior to the competition (Borek, map Pansky haj) please contact Turn on JavaScript!.

In the registration envelopes, freely available at registration and near the results boards, there will be a small training map of a small area in close proximity to the competition center.

Please note:

Competitors take part in the sporting event at their own risk. There is active forestry work going on following a bark beatle invasion, please be careful upon hearing the noise of a chain saw.

By entering the event, each competitor agrees to have their personal data published in the valid CSOS format in the form of the entry list, the start list and the results on the web pages of the event and in the ORIS system. Competitors running with GPS units provided by the organizer agree that they will record their route during the race, and this route will be published. During the event, photographs will be taken to inform the public about the race.

Also photographs can be taken for personal needs of competitors (such as race mementos, promotion of orienteering clubs), in particular during the prize giving ceremony and on the run-in to the finish. If you do not agree to be photographed, please let the photographer know explicitly.

Dogs must not be taken on the course. In the competition center, dogs must be kept on a lead.

It is forbidden to make fires, in the forest or in the competition center.

Any sales or advertising activities (except for advertising orienteering events) is possible only after permission from the organiser.

Please separate your rubbish according to labels on rubbish cans.


Main organizers:

  Saturday (long dist.) Sunday (middle dist.)
Director: Martin Janata Martin Janata
Main referee: Dominika Plochova Marie Pospisilova
Course setters: Daniel Novak Ondrej Pospisil
IOF Event Advisor: Daniel Wolf Daniel Wolf