Bulletin 2

Prague Easter 2019 19. 4. – 21. 4. 2019



Oddil OB Kotlarka

Competition centre (CC)

Kozly, club tents are recommended.


Stage 1, 2 and 3: Follow road No. 15 from Zahrádky towards Litoměřice, after 6 km turn right (direction Kozly) near the power station. CC is the meadow on the right hand side before Kozly village. GPS: 50°38'49.724"N, 14°27'25.314"E


Private meadow opposite the CC. Please follow organizers’ instructions.


Friday: 19.4. 9:30 – 11:30 in CC (entries for T, HDR and DH10L and changes will be processed continuously on all days in the IT centre). Registration will be split into three queues – those with complete payments, debtors and entries/changes. We would appreciate it, if those with payments to make have the exact amount ready.

Priority will be given to clubs who have paid already. Please check your payments in ORIS system.

In case of discrepancy between the payments listed on the web pages and the exact amount you paid, please let us know on Turn on JavaScript!, and bring documentary proof with you. Only whole clubs will be registered (no single runners).

In case of an SI number change or any other changes, send these beforehand by e-mail to Turn on JavaScript!. This will save your and our time. We will be able to read

e-mails till the last moment before the competition.


Sales of training maps on Thursday (13:00 - 14:00) in Jestrebi village (school gym opposite the school) 50°36'31.203"N, 14°35'5.349"E . Type of training: free order of controls, in the forest there will be small fabric flages from Thursday 14:00 until Sunday morning. Later on maps will also be available at registration. Cost of map 2 EUR (50Kč).



Sandstone area. Rugged terrain with deep as well as shallow valleys, rocky ridges, rock and boulder formations, nice pine and mixed forest (generally good runnability). Take care in the steep sections.


  • Day 1: PAVLININO UDOLI 2019, 1:10 000, E = 5m, winter 2012, R. Horky, ISOM 2000, revision March 2019.
  • Day 2: KOZELSKA ROKLE 2019, 1:10 000, E = 5m, autumn 2018, R. Horky, Z. Svec, ISOM 2017. Last revision in March 2019.
  • Day 3: SKLENENY VRCH 2019, 1:10 000, E = 5m, autumn 2018, R. Horky, Z. Svec, ISOM 2017. Last revision in March 2019.

The maps are printed on waterproof paper for all days.

On the ground, there are freshly fallen trees, unmapped, and competitors should take care when crossing fallen trees. Special care should be taken around controls 43 and 44 on Day 3.

Forbidden areas

It is forbidden to enter settlements (map symbol 527).

  • Purple hatched areas (map symbol 709) must not be crossed for reasons of nature protection (nature reserve, tree nurseries) or to protect certain areas (newly planted meadows – this might not be marked on the ground). This symbol is also used to mark areas of freshly fallen trees during Day 3.
  • It is forbidden to enter the competition area with dogs and dogs in the CC must be kept on a lead.

Start numbers

Start numbers (bibs) are compulsory for all competitors.

Every runner is obliged to put his actual starting time for Day 3, according to the start list, on his start number (bib) – use the permanent marker available in the CC or at the start. The first 5 leading runners after two days in classes B3, B5, DH10L, DH10, DH12, DH14, DH16, DH18, DH20, DH21E, DH35A, DH40A, DH45A, D50, H50A, DH55, DH60, DH65, DH70, H75 a H80 will get their special start number (bib) at the start for Day 3. These runners have to wear both numbers (bibs).


  • Day 1: 00=12:00, distance from bus 500m, 0m climb, blue and white ribbons.
  • Day 2: 00=10:00, distance 2100m, 30m climb, the last refreshment after 800m, none at the start, blue and white ribbons.

· Day 3: 00=10:00, distance 400m, 5m climb, blue and white ribbons, chasing start.

Classes T, P and HDR can start at any time using a separate start lane and a “punching start” (they punch a special SI unit just before start). They may not start after the last start time of competitors in other classes.

Transport to start of Day 1

Shuttle buses will be organized to the Day 1 start. The first bus leaves at 11:30, then one follows every 4 minutes. Journey time 6 minutes, then another 500 m walk. Transport from the finish will be organized similarly (distance finish - bus almost 0 m). The distance between the finish and the drop-off point of the bus to the start is 1100 m by road.

Please show your start number (bib) when boarding the bus.

Start times for Day 3

Time Class

00: D10L, D35A, B5, H12, H60

10: D12, D20, D45B, H21A, H80

20: D21A, D70, H10L, H35A, H65

30: D45A, B3, H16, H45B

40: D10, D65, H21B, H21E, H75

50: D18, D21B, H40B, H50B

60: D14, D21E, H18, H35B

70: D35B, D50, H55, H70

80: D16, D60, H20, H45A

90: D40B, D55, H10, H14

100: D40A, H40A, H50A

The chasing start lasts for 30 minutes in each class. Competitors with a total loss of more than 30 minutes compared to the leader will start in one-minute intervals after the 30 minute window. Classes P, T3, T6 and HDR don’t have a chasing start, and can start at any time until the start of the last competitor in the other classes.

Entry to the start corridor of Day 3 is 6 minutes before the start!

Start list of Day 3 will be on the internet (http://obkotlarka.cz/zavody/easter2019/) on Saturday evening and posted up on Sunday morning in the CC and gym.


Day 1: see “Transport to start of Day 1”, Day 2: two finishes, see below, Day 3: in CC.

Day 2: classes HDR, DH10L, D10, D12, D14, D40B, D45B, D50, D55, D60, D65, D70, H10, H12, H14, H50B, H60, H65, H70, H75, H80, B3, P, T3 have a different Finish, about 1100 m from the CC. Classes D16, D18, D20, D21ABE, D35AB, D40A, D45A, H16, H18, H20, H21ABE, H35AB, H40AB, H45AB, H50A, H55, B5, T4, T6 finish in the CC.

Download in the CC.


On Day 2 and Day 3, some courses will cross a category II road. Competitors must obey the instructions of the organizers, who will be manning this road crossing. Crossing the road outside the marked location (marked with map symbol 710 according to ISOM 2000 or 708 according to ISOM 2017) is forbidden.

On Day 2, beware of old wires, which are used to enclose meadows and are not very visible.

Punching system

Sportident is used during the whole event. It is possible to use all types of SI cards, even SI10 and SI11. SIAC type cards can be used, but you must punch controls in the classic way.

In the start corridor, each competitor must clear the Sportident card (first box) and check that the SI card has cleared (second box). In the third box, there will be a box to switch off the SIAC function.

Organization of the finish

Day 1, Day 2: the competitor finishes the race by punching the SI card at the finish line.

Day 3: The competitors will punch the finish box some metres beyond the finish line. The finishing order will be determined by their arrival at the finish line (as decided by the referee). For competitors not in the chasing start, punching the finish unit beyond the finish line determines their finishing time, as on the previous two days.

A competitor who has punched the finish unit is not allowed to return to the forest.

Competitors who have hired their SI card from the organizer should return it upon downloading at their final race.

Control descriptions

Loose control descriptions for each class will be available in the CC, not at the start. Nor will they be printed on the maps!


  • Day 1: shortened classic distance
  • Days 2 & 3: classic distance

Classes HDR, DH10L: the route is marked with red and white ribbons on the ground.

Time limit

  • Day 1: 90 minutes
  • Days 2 & 3: 160 minutes


Water available for longer classes during the course of Day 2 and Day 3. No drinks point during the courses on Day 1. Water available at the start of Day 2 and Day 3, water and juice available in the finish of all stages.

Buffet in the CC.


Portable toilets , only in the CC!


In the CC, there is a tank with water and wash-bowls. We ask competitors not to waste water. Water from the tank is drinkable!!


Kindergarten (crèche) available in the CC of all three days.


All protests must be handed to the main referee along with a 200 CZK deposit. Protests against results should be sent to Ing. Jiří Dlouhý, Na Hanspaulce 7, 160 00 Praha 6, e-mail: Turn on JavaScript!


Gregorova Kamila, Horacek Michal, Wolf Daniel


Will be available on-line via the local Wi-Fi and on the internet, and posted up in the CC throughout the event.

Prizegiving ceremony

A prize giving ceremony will be held in the Day 3 CC after the race. There will be prizes for all participants of DH10L, HDR and DH10 classes, for the first 6 competitors in DH21E classes, for the winners of the B subclasses and for the first 3 in all other classes. No awards in P, T3 and T6 classes.

Sales of sports equipment

On all days, it will be possible to buy equipment from a wide range of suppliers.

TRAIL-O - Special information

On Saturday (Day 2) there will be a small trail-O demonstration race nearby.
Everyone is invited to try it in their free time. More info in the CC in the tent under the TRAIL-O fly wing.

Data protection

By entering this race, each competitor agrees with the publication of their personal details in the form of an entry list, start list and results on the event website ( http://obkotlarka.cz/zavody/easter2019/ ) a nd in the ORIS information system ( https://oris.orientacnisporty.cz/ ).



During the event, photographs will be taken to inform the public about the event. Additionally, photographs may be taken by competitors for their own use (as a souvenir of the race, to publicise the club and orienteering as a sport, etc.), especially at the prizegiving and on the finish run-in. If you don't want your photograph to be taken, please inform the photographer of this.



  • Event director: Zdenko Prochazka
  • Main referee: Day 1: Kristyna Kolinova, Day 2: Kamila Rambova, Day 3: Jakub Illner
  • Course planners: Day 1: Pavel Klaska jr., Day 2: Martina Bochenkova, Day 3: Vojta Illner
  • Registration: Martina Bochenkova
  • Start: Ondrej Pospisil
  • Finish: Miroslav Betlach
  • IT centre: Jiri Dlouhy

Event website: http://obkotlarka.cz/pe