Prague Easter 2016

Bulletin 1.

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Organizer:          Orienteering club Kotlarka Praha

Date:                   March 25- 27, 2016

Center:                Zahradky and Nova Skalka


D10L, D10, D12, D14, D16, D18, D20, D21EAB, D35AB, D40AB, D45AB, D50, D55, D60, D65, D70

H10L, H10, H12, H14, H16, H18, H20, H21EAB, H35AB, H40AB, H45AB, H50AB, H55, H60, H65, H70, H75, H80

B3, B5, HDR, P, T3, T6,

L - marked with ribbons, for beginners

HDR - marked with ribbons, for children with parents

B3, B5 - courses for beginners (about 3 and 5 km)

T3, T6 - "entry of the day" (about 3 and 6 km, regular courses, not suitable for beginners)

P - "entry of the day", for beginners (about 3km)

Class lengths:   Winner time in H21E for E1 45 min, for E2 and E3 80 min, for detailed lengths look here.


Thursday March 24         training (available from 14 pm and also on Friday morning)

Friday March 25               E1 medium distance (start 12 pm)        

Saturday March 26         E2 classic distance (start 10 am)

Sunday March 27            E3 classic distance (chasing start, start 10 am)


Using ORIS system. You have to login to ORIS first.

If you do not have Username and Password to ORIS yet, you have to create a new user(click on "Create user" in the right upper corner of the form).

Exceptionally by e-mail: Turn on JavaScript!.

Please be so kind and use our Excel entry form for entries (even if you send use entry for 1 or two persons)

By February 7, 2016 (basic fee), by March 6, 2016 (higher fee), later only if there will be place in the start-list.

Entry fees:

Entry fees

HD10(L), HDR






P, T3,T6

entry obtained and paid

3 stages

per stage

3 stages

per stage

3 stages

per stage

per stage

till February 7, 2016

290 CZK

100 CZK

480 CZK

1800 CZK

360 CZK

130 CZK

120 CZK

from February 8 till March 6, 2016

290 CZK

100 CZK

630 CZK

230 CZK

480 CZK

180 CZK

120 CZK

from March 7, 2016

290 CZK

100 CZK

630 CZK

230 CZK

480 CZK

180 CZK

120 CZK

(only if there will be place in startlist)

Cancelation and other fees:

  • Cancelation till March 6: 100 % of fee will be returned (minus bank fees)
  • Cancelation from March 7 till March 20: 50 % of fee will be returned (minus bank fees)
  • Later cancelation: start fee will not be returned
  • Change of name, class and other data till April 6: free
  • Change of start time: free if technically possible
  • Change of class after March 6: 50 CZK per stage


In principle it is necessary that whole start fee has to arrive to our account. There are 3 possibilities, how to pay.

On-line by credit card

Some days after confirmation of your entry you will get by email invoice, which you can pay by credit (or debet) card on-line. 4% + 10 CZK transaction fees for card payment will be invoiced. Payment is done through the PayPal secured payment portal (You do not need to have any Paypal account).

By international bank transfer

If you do not want to pay on-line by credit card you can pay by bank transfer:

Bank: Fiobanka, 11721 Praha 1, Czech Republic


IBAN: CZ1520100000002800595750

Account owner: Oddíl OB Kotlarka

Always write name of your club and your name to the “Reason of payment” section. You have to pay such amount, that correct amount of CZK should arrive to our account. You can look the web page of our bank for exchange rates. Calculate the correct amount in your currency by dividing amount in CZK by the exchange rate in column "Nákup /Nakupujeme". If you send your money using "Shared Fees", be so kind and add 1 EUR for bank fees we have to pay for your money transfer if you pay in EUR, if you pay in other currency add 4 EUR, no additional fees from Slovakia.

By national bank transfer

If you have possibility, you can also pay through some Czech bank. In this case you have to send us the exact sum in CZK, we do not pay any fees for national transfers. In this case contact organizer to get exact instructions.


All classes will use electronic punching system Sportident. Competitors with their own SI-card will have to fill in number of their SI-card in the entry, others may borrow SI-card from the organizer for 30 CZK/ day. If lost, compensation 700 CZK/1 pc will be required.

All types of SI cards can be used, incl. SI10 and SI11.

Competition office open:           

Thursday: 24th March (13:00 - 14:00 only sale of training maps), 50°36'31.220"N, 14°35'5.318"E, signed in Jestrebi

Friday: 25th March 9:30 - 11:30 at the Event Centre of Stage 1.


E1: DRACI SKALY, 1:10 000, E = 5m, autumn 2014, R. Horky, revised winter 2016,

E2: STARY BERNSTEJN, 1:10 000, E = 5m, autumn 2014, J. Boruvka, R. Horky, revised winter 2016, size A4,

E3: BRANIBORSKA JESKYNE, 1:10 000, E = 5m, autumn 2015, R. Horky,

Maps will be waterproof.

Terrain:                Sandstone area. Rugged terrain with deep as well as shallow valleys, rocky ridges, rock and boulder formations, nice pine and mixed forest (generally good runability), marshes in Stage 1. 


E1:Centre: Zahradky, meadow (50°38'14.230"N, 14°30'47.984"E).

From road No.9 Melnik - CeskaLipa in Zahradky take road No.15 to the left in direction to Litomerice and at the end of the village to the right onto a meadow.

Praha–parking: 90 km

accommodation–parking: 5–15 km

parking–CC: 0 m

CC–start information available later

centrum–finish: 0 m

E2 and E3: Centre: meadow between villages Skalka and Nova Skalka (50°34'9.471"N, 14°35'59.021"E).

From road No.9 Melnik - CeskaLipa in Doksy take road to the left in direction Duba, after 400 m to the right to village Skalka. Here to the right narrow way indirection Nova Skalka

Praha–parking 80 km

accommodation–parking 5–20 km

parking–CC 0 m

CC–start information available later

centrum–finish 0 m


From Friday till Sunday hard floor (school in CeskaLipa or Duba) 80 CZK per night.

Beds: contacts (pensions and hotels in the Kokorin area or in Prague) here.

Transport:          the organizer will not provide

Prize-giving ceremony:

After E3. Rewards for all in HDR, DH10L, DH10, the first six in DH21E, the first three in all other classes, the first in B subclasses. P, T3 and T6 no rewards.

Sales of sport equipment:

Wide choice of orienteering and outdoor equipment will be available in the event centre.

Training:              Map Barbora, near village Dubá ( It is possible to buy training maps at registration, Please let us know in advance at Turn on JavaScript! how many training maps you want to buy.

Creche:               Creche (kindergarten) available in the CC.

Note:                   Competitors take part in O-event at their own risk.


Director:              Zdenko Prochazka          

Head Referee

E1: Kamila Foglarova

E2: Ondrej Pospisil

E3: Kristyna Kolinova

Course setters:               

E1: Sarka Svobodna

E2: Jakub Illner

E3: Bochenkova Martina

Secretary:           Jiri Dlouhy