Draw your routes | 5. 4. 2016

After delay caused by technical problems of the map server you can now draw your routes in all stages...

Photos from competitions | 31. 3. 2016

There are some pictures, mostly from 2nd stage finish. Sorry for the low quality of the second album part.

On-line results at the competition center | 30. 3. 2016

On Saturday and on Sunday there were available on-line results in local Wifi net. We would like to know if you was able to connect to the Wifi network and if you was using the possibility to see results there. We will invite your replies on Turn on JavaScript!.

Lost and found | 30. 3. 2016

After the event we have found quite a lot of things - you can see them in the fotogallery - https://flic.kr/s/aHskxjJJXi - if something is yours, let us know.

Preliminary results | 27. 3. 2016

Summer time starts on Sunday | 27. 3. 2016

Our last stage begins at 10 am of SUMMER time! There is a change of time during Saturday/Sunday night.

Start lists of 3rd stage | 26. 3. 2016

Start lists of the 3rd stage are available in the upper menu.

On-line results at the competition center | 26. 3. 2016

We will try to arrange today and tomorrow on-line access to results. You have to connect to the Wifi network "PE2016" and than you have to open the only one available page "http://results.pe".

Attention for teams travelling by bus | 25. 3. 2016

Busses cannot come to the Competition center, they must stay in the Nová Skalka village. The way to the Competition center from there is about 1,5 km.

Parking at Stage 1 | 23. 3. 2016

For parking for the Stage 1 will serve four parking lots which will be filled gradually and according to weather conditions.

SI cards, rented cards | 21. 3. 2016

Be so kind and check your SI card number at http://oris.orientacnisporty.cz/PrehledPrihlasenych?id=3276&mode=clubs - if is something wrong or if we are missing your SI card number - let us know be email ASAP, it is better than to do it during registration. Many thanks.

Start Fee, arrived payments | 21. 3. 2016

Be so kind and check the start fees and payments page http://oris.orientacnisporty.cz/PrehledVkladu?id=3276&lang=cz&lang=en where you can find all registered start fees and all payments we had received. It is still time enough to pay the balance by credit card. Those who have zero balance or even paid more will be registered in "Fast track". If you are missing some payment you sent us, let us know on Turn on JavaScript!, we could do some mistake.

Start lists are created | 20. 3. 2016

You can find start list in the upper menu now. Further registrations are possible only on "vacant" places. All new registration and change on Turn on JavaScript! mail. Attention, there still can be small changes in start list.

Web registration is finished | 18. 3. 2016

As we started to prepare start lists, we had closed registration in ORIS. It is still possible to register by email to Turn on JavaScript!

The second deadline for applications ended. | 10. 3. 2016

To this date, we have registered racers from 16 countries. It is a smaller number of countries than is usual, but the number of competitors are still a record. Number of foreign competitors...

Actual pictures from forrest | 25. 2. 2016

You can find now in the menu link to some actual photos from forrest - 2nd and 3rd stage only.

Changing the location of sale training maps | 14. 2. 2016

Thursday: 24th March (13:00 - 14:00 only sale of training maps), 50°36'31.220"N, 14°35'5.318"E, signed in Jestrebi

Possibility of accomodation in hostel for up to 35 persons. | 11. 2. 2016

We had received following offer of accomodation

Start Fee payments | 11. 2. 2016

To get start fee discount for early bird registrations (till February 7) you have not only to register, but also you have to pay start fee

Registrations a payments | 6. 2. 2016

You can find now list of registered and list of payments which arrived to our account in the menu

Payments by Credit Cards | 3. 2. 2016

If you have registered through the ORIS registration system and you want to pay start fees by credit card, be so kind and let us know by email to Turn on JavaScript!, as we do not know your email address from the ORIS system.

Registrations are running | 31. 12. 2015

Competitions Registration in ORIS system is running.

Maps | 28. 11. 2015

In the top menu is available detailed information about maps.

Bulletin 1 published | 11. 11. 2015

Now it is in main menu available.

Welcome to new Prague Easter 2016 website | 10. 11. 2015

This week will be published the Bulletin 1.