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  • WRE CUP 2015


Oddíl OB Kotlářka


Saturday May 30, 2015

Competition center (CC):

Žatec, sport hall TJ Sever, Plzeňská 2787, (N 50°19.865', E 13°32.031)



8:30-9:30 - Kroučová - in relay CC


14:00-15:00 - Žatec CC


Main and official parking: N 50°19.95310', E 13°32.18825

Parking at the shopping center Stop Shop: N 50°19.36947', E 13°31.73878''

Husitské square: N 50°19.36947', E 13°31.73878'

Along the Chomutovská street to train station "Žatec - západ"

Please, follow the instructions of the organizers!

It is prohibited to moving and parking in competition area.

Detailed parking info will be provided in Bulletin 2 and on web pages.


D12C, D14C, D16A, D16C, D18A, D18C, D20A, D21E, D21A, D21C, D35C,  D45C, D55C

H12C, H14C, H16A, H16C, H18A, H18C, H20A, H21E, H21A, H21C, H35C, H45C, H55C

T (training, regular course, not suitable for beginners), P (for beginners, very easy)


Till May 17, 2015 by email: Turn on JavaScript!. Entry is accepted after you receive e-mail confirmation.

May 18 - May 19: 50% rise in prize.

After May 19 (and in CC): 100% rise in prize and only if it will be technically possible. The rise in prize doesn’t affect P and T classes.

Entry fees:

D12C, D14C, H12C, H14C

70 CZK


90 CZK


40 CZK


150 CZK


In principle it is necessary that whole start fee has to arrive to our account. There are 3 possibilities, how to pay.

On-line by credit card:

Some days after confirmation of your entry you will get by email invoice, which you can pay by credit (or debet) card on-line. 4% + 10 CZK transaction fees for card payment will be invoiced. Payment is done through the PayPal secured payment portal (You do not need to have any Paypal account).

By international bank transfer:

If you do not want to pay on-line by credit card you can pay by bank transfer:

Bank: Fio banka, 11721 Praha 1, Czech Republic


IBAN: CZ1520100000002800595750

Account owner: Oddíl OB Kotlarka

Always write name of your club and your name to the “Reason of payment” section. You have to pay such amount, that correct amount of CZK should arrive to our account. You can look the web page of our bank for exchange rates. Calculate the correct amount in your currency by dividing amount in CZK by the exchange rate in column "Nákup /Nakupujeme". If you send your money using "Shared Fees", be so kind and add 1 EUR for bank fees we have to pay for your money transfer if you pay in EUR, if you pay in other currency add 4 EUR, no additional fees from Slovakia.

By national bank transfer:

If you have possibility, you can also pay through some Czech bank. In this case you have to send us the exact sum in CZK, we do not pay any fees for national transfers. In this case contact organizer to get exact instructions.


Žatec, 1 : 4 000, E = 2,5 m, size B4

IOF norms - ISSOM 2007, spring 2015. Author: Zdeněk Sokolář. Waterproof for all classes.


Historic city center - squares, archways; modern development, city walls, parks.




Parking - CC:

200 - 1300 m

CC - start:

within 1200 m

Finish - CC:

0 m

Accommodation - parking:

0 - 30 km


All classes will use electronic punching system Sportident. Please state card number along with the entry. Competitors may also borrow SI-card from the organizer for 40CZK/day. If lost, compensation 800 CZK/pc will be charged.


Kindergarten available in the CC


It is forbidden to use shoes with spikes. We recommend athletic shoes - most of the competition area is asphalt or urban paving.

Competitors take part in O-event at their own risk.

Be aware of your belongings and cars. Za odložené věci pořadatel neručí.

There is a full trafic during the competition. Be careful when crossing roads.

Competition area:

Competition area is between streets Plzeňská, Denisova, Červenka, U Plynárny, Pod Střelnicí, U Odborů, nám. Kruhové, Nákladní, Příkrá, Svatováclavská, U Hřiště.

Competition area is prohibited area before the race itself.


From Friday till Sunday hard floor (school in Louny) 80 CZK per night; From Saturday till Sunday hard floor and beds (sport hall in CC - Žatec - limited capacity). This accomodation is needed to order with Entry together.

Another accomodation options will be published on http://obkotlarka.cz/zavody/sprint-zatec/ later.



Ondřej Pospíšil, e-mail: Turn on JavaScript!

Main organizers:


Ondřej Pospíšil

WRE advisor:

David Aleš

Main referee:

Jiří Mrázek

Course planner:

Martin Janata

Ondřej Pospíšil


Jiří Mrázek

(main referee)