Refund of the entry fee | 14. 3. 2020

At this moment all paid entry fees were sent back to original accounts - if the payment will not arrive till Wednesday, be so kind and contact us on Turn on JavaScript!. We were not able to refund start fees to several clubs from Poland and Norway as money were not sent directly from their account to our account but some transfere account was used. Those clubs will be contacted by email separately.

Prague Easter 2020 canceled | 12. 3. 2020

Due to escalation of problems with COVID-19 in whole Europe and due to emergency state declared by the Government of the Czech republic on March 12th, 2020 we have decided to cancel Prague Easter 2020 o-event. All entry fees sent to our account will be returned back to your account as soon as possible. Sorry for such a sad information.

Payments | 12. 3. 2020

If you had not paid for your entries till now, be so kind and wait for further instructions.

Important information about our event and COVID-19 measures | 10. 3. 2020

Click on title to get full information

First deadline for entries is over | 6. 3. 2020

The first deadline for entries is over - in order to be able to really calculate the lowest entry fee, it is necessary, in accordance with the Bulletin I, not only to register the entry in ORIS, but also to pay the start fee. For those who have not paid the entry fee within a week after the first deadline, the entry fee will be increased to the entry fee according to the second deadline. Click on heading of this message to get more information.

Coronavirus and Prague Easter 2020 o-event | 5. 3. 2020

Since the presence of the new coronavirus has been confirmed in the Czech Republic and in view of the difficulty in predicting its spread, we are unable to anticipate what future measures may be taken by the Government of the Czech Republic or other public bodies. We are still planning to hold the event as per the published bulletins, but we cannot rule out late changes. We will inform competitors about these as soon as we are aware of them.

Change of deadline for cheapest entries | 1. 3. 2020

Due to late publication of parameters of classes we had postponed the first deadline for entries to March 4, 2020

Accomodation | 2. 2. 2020

You can find list of contacts for accommodation near the o-event location in the upper menu now

The website was launched | 5. 11. 2019

The website of Prague Easter 2020 was launched