The second deadline for applications ended.

To this date, we have registered racers from 16 countries. It is a smaller number of countries than is usual, but the number of competitors are still a record. Number of foreign competitorsis 488. In addition to the traditionally high number of competitors from Germany attends this very high number of competitors from Sweden and Poland. Are registered junior teams from Estonia and Italy and adults from Germany. Unlike previous years recorded a rise of elite category, D21E 31 competitors (although not for all three days) and H21E 61 competitors. And what is the share of individual countries?
Austria (20), Czech Republic (879), Denmark (4), Estonia (17) Finland (7), Germany (168), Hungary (5), Italy (25), Latvia (2), Norway (35), Poland (62) Russia (3), Slovakia (23), Sweden (100), Switzerland (10) United Kingdom (3).